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since 1998.

Khymeia with immutable nostalgia dedicates its commitment and the results achieved, especially scientific and clinical ones, to the memory of Lamberto Piron, brilliant innovator, excellent researcher, beloved doctor and extraordinary person.

  • “Think out of ordinary and make it happen” is the guiding principle of the company. Rehabilitation is an increasingly central discipline for every National Health System that needs useful innovations to improve the recovery of Patients.

  • The structural collaboration with the research centers of international excellence constantly fosters the innovative spirit of each system created, as evidenced by the pioneering technologies of Khymeia, from Virtual Reality to Telerehabilitation.

  • Effectiveness for patients is the primary goal of the solutions created.
    Each technology created is the result of in-depth research and development processes and copious scientific publications that certify the effectiveness of Khymeia technologies.

TOR. Keeping pioneering.

A new benchmark has been raised in the field of rehabilitation: TOR.
Discover the Khymeia brand new technology, available in 2023. Keeping Pioneering.


Khymeia has a wide range of rehabilitation solutions. Find the solution that best suits your specific needs by clicking below.

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Made in Italy technology. Khymeia systems are patented, medical certified and represent the state-of-the-art rehabilitation innovation.

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Khymeia has been the pioneer of tele-rehabilitation since 1998, representing Italy in the world as the most innovative and complete technology in this sector. The first publications on tele-rehabilitation with Khymeia systems date back to the year 2000.

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