Research, Innovation, Effectiveness.

Khymeia systems are the result of a process of continuous research-based innovation, aimed at satisfying clinical needs in an effective and reliable way. Khymeia technologies are aimed at neurological, orthopedic, and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation. To find the system that best suits your needs, indicate the area of your interest, and discover the solutions that best suit your needs.

  • “Augmented feedback”, “Knowledge of performance”, “Mirror neurons” are the scientific principles underlying the VRRS system, developed since 1998 with MIT in Boston and have become an essential foundation of modern rehabilitation. The continuous collaboration and partnership with international scientific research centers allow our technologies to express the best results in terms of clinical efficacy, certified by copious scientific publications.

  • VRRS is equipped with the most innovative technologies available.

    From the exclusive magnetic kinematic acquisition sensors that allow unparalleled temporal precision, kinematic accuracy and avoid any position shadow, to light detection sensors up to infrared sensors, according to the specific device used.

  • Khymeia systems cover more than 20 rehabilitation modules and have more than 800 exercises on board, all used by clinicians on a daily basis. This feature allows not only to be able to deal with all the most frequent pathologies, but also to use a multimodal approach, or to deliver multiple rehabilitation modules at the same time to maximize effectiveness. All Khymeia technologies automatically record every activity performed by the patient, generating complete and reliable reports.

Discover VRRS

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System

VRRS is divided into numerous devices for rehabilitation and telerehabilitation in the clinic, in the territory and at the patient's home. All systems are interconnected to create a powerful clinical data network. VRRS is a central HUB with more than 20 rehabilitation modules, 800 clinical exercises, a large set of sensors. VRRS is the ideal integrative tool for the therapist's rehabilitation strategies in favor of patients, be they children or adults. In addition to the presence of a large number of rehabilitation protocols, developed by clinical excellence, VRRS allows the therapist to create their own new exercises for a complete personalization of the experience.

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