Who we are

Keeping pioneering

We believe in the power of the human mind and body. We work hard every day to try to make life better for those in need.

Research and development are our DNA.
We make our technological skills available to clinicians to create useful tools for their rehabilitation activities.
We were born and raised within the Clinic, we have always collaborated on a daily basis with the best international hospital and university excellence.

VRRS Technology

What we do

The Central Nervous System has enormous potential. We develop technologies to help patients to exploit their residual capacities and recover the functions lost due to trauma or neurological, musculoskeletal, or cardiorespiratory pathologies. Since 1998 we have been the pioneers of innovations such as rehabilitation with virtual reality technology and Telerehabilitation.



Khymeia was born in 1998 as an R&D center; since then, every year it has dedicated a large part of its human and economic resources to research and development activities, aimed at creating unique and innovative technologies. Khymeia is involved with all its offices in these activities, in particular with that of Catania which is exclusively dedicated to research and development operations. This office sees an entire team of engineers and managers engaged every day, constantly working to create innovative technologies with social repercussions. Furthermore, the structural collaboration with research centers of international excellence constantly feeds the innovative spirit of each system created, as evidenced by the pioneering technologies of Khymeia, from Virtual Reality to Telerehabilitation.

Since the beginning.

Khymeia Group was founded in 1998 following fundamental studies in the fields of neurological rehabilitation medicine, conducted for years by the late Dr. Lamberto Piron in the Cognitive Sciences Department of Prof. Emilio Bizzi at the MIT – Massachussets Institute of Technology – in Boston. In particular, the results of his research on neurological functional recovery in the technological field of virtual reality and tele-rehabilitation inspired the birth and evolution of the company.

  • First company to have used virtual reality technology to generate “augmented feedback”.In the same year, home tele-rehabilitation was implemented.

  • Khymeia becomes technological partner of RIN – Italian IRCCS Network of Neuroscience – in the project “Development and implementation of an Italian Network of Teleneurorehabilitation for continuity of care”.

  • First company to have developed a 360 ° treadmill technology and weight relief.
    It becomes a technological partner of ESA – European Space Agency – in the “Telerehabilitation with satellite technology” project.
    USAID technology partner in the “Hope” post-Covid home tele-rehabilitation project.

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