Rehabilitation excellence, also at a distance

The present and the future, telerehabilitation.

The management of the complex patient generates managerial, economic and organizational criticalities. The aging of the population poses further challenges that involve not only patients, but also impact on families and caregivers. The scenario was further complicated by the new pandemic scenarios underway.

Telemedicine and tele-rehabilitation are among the innovative assistance modalities that have been gaining momentum in recent years. Originally born in territorial contexts with patients distributed over large areas with difficulties in accessing assistance, the model has progressively spread with the introduction of technologies that have made it possible to ensure the quality of treatment and reduce the costs of equipment and management making the competitive model.

  • Since 1998 Khymeia has been developing the most advanced telemedicine systems and in particular Telerehabilitation.
    The first international scientific publication on Telerehabilitation with Khymeia technologies dates back to the year 2000.

  • Among many others, Khymeia boasts the following technological partnerships in Telerehabilitation:

    – Technological partner of RIN – Italian IRCCS Network of Neuroscience in the project “Development and implementation of an Italian Network of Teleneurorehabilitation for continuity of care”.

    – Technological partner of ESA – European Space Agency in the “Telerehabilitation with satellite technology” project.

    – USAID technology partner in the “Hope” post-Covid home tele-rehabilitation project.

A Kloud-based ecosystem

Khymeia offers the most complete and innovative Telerehabilitation ecosystem for the pediatric, developmental, and adult age ever. The Khymeia Telerehabilitation ecosystem is completely managed by the innovative Khymeia KLOUD Network portal with which everything is always under your control. The adoption of Khymeia VRRS solutions for the implementation of remote rehabilitation territorial networks, with a multicenter and multilevel structure according to a hub-spoke architecture, has been implemented by public and private institutions. The VRRS ecosystem is patented and has a declaration of exclusivity.

Kloud: The control and management of all technologies and all patients always at your disposal.


1. VRRS Evo: Rehabilitation HUB System at Hospital / Clinic.


2. Physio: FKT Rehabilitation System in Hospital / Clinic / FKT Practice.


3. TR: Rehabilitation system at the Spoke territorial office or at different units of the clinical structure.


4. Compact: System for rehabilitation at the Medical Clinic or Clinic.


5. TeleCockpit: The benefits of a face-to-face session directly where you need it.


6. HomeKit: Complete rehabilitation in the space of a briefcase.


7. MedicoAmico: An app to take with you to stay connected.

Continuity of care.

The phenomenon of “pathological relapse” affects almost 60% of patients who, once discharged from the clinic, do not continue their rehabilitation program. The VRRS ecosystem allows to concretely activate the patient’s continuity of care from the prevention phase to that of hospitalization, up to home care, ensuring the same quality and effectiveness of the rehabilitation treatment. Thanks to the wide range of technologies available, for the clinic and for the home, the therapist has complete control of the performance of the patient’s Rehabilitation Program, which he can manage through the innovative Kloud platform.

360° rehabilitation


Khymeia offers the most complete and innovative tele-rehabilitation ecosystem ever. The Telecockpit workstation manages the clinical center's master VRRS EVO systems, the TR territorial remote systems and the Homekit remote home systems in real time, creating a perfect Hub & Spoke network. MedicoAmico®, the new App to monitor patients at home completes the tele-rehabilitation offer, to adapt to all clinical needs.

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Rehabilitation at home


HomeKit is the device that finally makes cognitive, speech therapy, respiratory home tele-training possible and, thanks to the K-Wand and K-Sensor devices, also motor skills, in 2 modes: Online: the therapist connects in integrated videoconference and assumes the remote control of the device in the patient's home, interacting with it in real time Offline: the patient performs the personalized exercise schedule, guided by the Smart Virtual Assistant, which accompanies him in interactive mode in real time throughout the duration of the training session.

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Your doctor always with you


MEDICO AMICO® is the new App of Khymeia Group that allows the Physiatrist or Rehabilitation Specialist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, and other Operators wherever they are to monitor their Patients at home, to carry out via conferences and provide tele-training sessions.

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