Italian technology since 1998.

A long time ago, we dreamed of a new way to help people get better, facilitating their rehabilitation process thanks to technological innovation. Today our dreams have become reality: the Khymeia product range is the result of passion and dedication to research, innovation, and clinic. Khymeia systems are used daily by thousands of people with profoundly different needs, but with the same goal.

Complete rehabilitation


Moonwalker is Khymeia's revolutionary technology, activated by the patient's central nervous system, which exploits the functional residual capabilities to allow free 360 ° walking, including diagonally, sideways and backwards while remaining stationary in the center of the platform. The patient, harnessed for total safety and possibly relieved of his own weight, is stimulated with immersive virtual reality, augmented reality and sensory stimuli for an unprecedented combined motor skills, cognitive, postural and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation.

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Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System


VRRS Evo is the most advanced, complete and clinically tested virtual reality system for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation in the world. The extreme ease of use, the high customization capacity, the complete automatic reporting, the remote rehabilitation function, are some of the guiding principles of the continuous development of the system.

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360° rehabilitation


Khymeia offers the most complete and innovative tele-rehabilitation ecosystem ever. The Telecockpit workstation manages the clinical center's master VRRS EVO systems, the TR territorial remote systems and the Homekit remote home systems in real time, creating a perfect Hub & Spoke network. MedicoAmico®, the new App to monitor patients at home completes the tele-rehabilitation offer, to adapt to all clinical needs.

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Rehabilitation at home


HomeKit is the device that finally makes cognitive, speech therapy, respiratory home tele-training possible and, thanks to the K-Wand and K-Sensor devices, also motor skills, in 2 modes: Online: the therapist connects in integrated videoconference and assumes the remote control of the device in the patient's home, interacting with it in real time Offline: the patient performs the personalized exercise schedule, guided by the Smart Virtual Assistant, which accompanies him in interactive mode in real time throughout the duration of the training session.

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The rehabilitation network


Physio is the ideal technology for intensive clinical practice. Thanks to the wide visualization, it is the system of choice for neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation. The Physio system with VRRS engine is characterized by its vertical display of the rehabilitation scenarios, which guarantees optimal patient immersion. Neuromotor, Orthopedic, Postural, Respiratory, EMG rehabilitation modules can be loaded on board.

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Your doctor always with you


MEDICO AMICO® is the new App of Khymeia Group that allows the Physiatrist or Rehabilitation Specialist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, and other Operators wherever they are to monitor their Patients at home, to carry out via conferences and provide tele-training sessions.

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Innovation for old age


OAK is the innovative and exclusive integrated system for the assessment and prevention of falling risks. OAK incorporates and digitizes assessment tests that are based on international, clinically and scientifically validated assessment scales in virtual reality.

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Contact seeker


Neurowave is the innovative integrated system for administering multisensory stimulations and for the simultaneous acquisition and analysis of the biophysiological parameters of patients in a vegetative state and with minimal consciousness.

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