The present and the future, telerehabilitation .

The present and the future, telerehabilitation ..

TeleCockpit is the most innovative technological workstation equipped with a proprietary integrated videoconferencing system for the management of remote and home devices. The system includes Tele-rehabilitation, tele-monitoring, tele-consultation and streaming of diagnostic imaging. TeleCockpit allows the therapist to take control of the remote device and simultaneously see both the patient and what the patient is doing on the HomeKit , fully interacting with the patient in real time.


The complete control center.

The complete control center.

TeleCockpit is a real rehabilitation center, able to connect in real time with any Khymeia device, including the Home Kit anywhere in the world, allowing the therapist and the patient to work together on the rehabilitation process, with the same benefits of a session in the presence. Thanks to the smart virtual assistant , included in the Home Kit, the patient can perform the exercises prescribed by the therapist both online in presence and offline alone, conducting the follow-up to the first available virtual presence session.


Total control, thanks to secure and encrypted videoconferencing and the ability to take control of the patient's device to verify clinical data in real time.


Thanks to the sensors included in the VRRS Home Kit, the therapist can count on the recordings of all the movements and all the exercises that the patient has done while he was offline, to be able to make an objective assessment of his work and correct it in the next session in the presence.


The therapist is able to evaluate the patient's situation with all the nuances, since the complete and fluid communication gives the possibility to evaluate also the patient's state of mind, fundamental for an effective rehabilitation process.

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