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HomeKit is the device that makes it possible to remotely rehabilitate at home cognitive, speech therapy, postural, facial, respiratory, tDCS and, along with the sensors it is equipped with, also motor skills and neuromotor skills. The sessions are delivered in 2 ways:

Online: the therapist connects in an integrated videoconference and takes remote control of the device at the patient’s home, interacting with it in real time.
Offline: the patient performs the personalized exercise schedule, guided by the Smart Virtual Assistant, which accompanies him in interactive mode in real time throughout the duration of the session.

All the patient’s activities, even those carried out independently offline, are automatically recorded and are always available to the therapist.


HomeKit Lite

HomeKit Lite is the system designed for the rehabilitation of cognitive patients. In a case especially designed to be simple and compact, the HomeKit Lite is ready to follow every step of the rehabilitation process, thanks to the virtual assistant, also independently and is able to connect in real time with the therapist for the usual follow-up with a predetermined cadence.


HomeKit Plus

Home Kit Plus is the system created for the rehabilitation of all patients, since it includes a vast data set of sensors to allow the patient to perform, in addition to cognitive exercises, also speech therapy, postural, facial, respiratory, tDCS, motor and neuromotor skills exercises. The system can also include accessories such as the cycle ergometer, breathing bands or postural platforms. Furthermore, it is possible to equip it with monitoring systems such as the pulse oximeter and others.


K-Wand and K-Sensor

K-Wand is the innovative device for the tele-motor rehabilitation of the upper limb and trunk. It is equipped with an exclusive light recognition technology that allows the detection of movements in depth. K-Sensor is the sensor set used to carry out motor telerehabilitation activities of the lower limb. Together with the K-Wand, it is able to allow full body motor telerehabilitation .

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