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VRRS Evo is an internationally patented Class I medical device. The most advanced, complete, and clinically proven virtual reality system for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation in the world. The extreme ease of use, the vast library of exercises, the innovative sensors, the complete automatic reporting, the high customization capacity, the remote rehabilitation function are some of the exclusive features of the system.

VRRS Evo is conceived as a “central HUB” to which it is possible to connect via USB a series of specialized peripheral devices, integrated with the system, with which it is able to deliver up to 20 different rehabilitation modules with a single VRRS Evo unit.

VRRS Evo is used as a clinical routine for the rehabilitation of a wide spectrum of pathologies through the numerous modules, including: Neuromotor Skills, Cognitive, Speech therapy, Phonation, Dynamic and Static postural, Facial, Hand & Wrist , Cardiorespiratory, Orthopedic, EMG, tDCS , Isoinertial, Immersive VR, Augmented reality and others.

Dynamic library

The largest library available.

VRRS Evo is equipped with more than 800 clinically tested exercises, in immersive and non-immersive scenarios, with Artificial Intelligence and evaluation system, which generate visual, sound, and tactile feedback. All exercises include the compensation sensor, and all have a video preview with integrated virtual assistant. The exercises are completely customizable to adapt to the needs of the specific patient and can be organized in clinical protocols. The exercises are equipped with a scoring system, which can be modulated in relation to the residual abilities of the patient, to further stimulate the execution of the activities. VRRS Evo is also equipped with an “Editor” system that allows the therapist to create his own exercises from scratch with extreme simplicity.

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VRRS Evo, equipped with remote touch technology and virtual assistant, is extraordinarily simple to use, both via the screen and via the wireless controller. The system has an intuitive and simplified interface that allows immediate management of all its functions. Each exercise is equipped with a preview clip that shows the correct positioning of the sensors and the progress of the exercise.


VRRS Evo is developed to be freely configured according to your specific clinical needs and is fully scalable at any time. Also, in terms of hardware, VRRS Evo can be configured in different solutions, including wall projection for maximum immersion of the scenarios. The system does not require any structural modification for implementation, nor any particular electrical predisposition, it is also equipped with wheels for rapid and extremely simple handling.

Continuous innovation


From the exclusive magnetic kinematic acquisition sensors that allow unparalleled temporal precision, kinematic accuracy and avoids any position shadow cone, to light detection sensors up to infrared sensors, depending on the specific device used. The VRRS Evo sensors do not need any specific settings and do not need any initial position reference as this is automatically generated by the system, thus allowing the exercises to be activated in no time.

Automatic registration


Each patient activity is automatically recorded by the system, with the opportunity to view from a real "replay" of the exercises performed, up to the most sophisticated analyzes in graphic and numerical format. Furthermore, all data can be printed or exported in the most common formats. The reporting is integrated into the patient profile. This constitutes an extraordinary tool for analysis and evaluation and an exceptional system of objective monitoring of the patient's progress.


VRRS Evo was natively conceived with a pioneering network approach. The system allows you to create real HUB & SPOKE proprietary networks. In fact, it is possible to install multiple units within the same gym allowing a single therapist to manage 4 or more patients at the same time thanks to the integrated virtual assistant. Furthermore, it is possible to install, not only several units within the same Institute in different floors or rooms, but also in different Institutes at any distance and control all the systems in the network thanks to the innovative Khymeia Kloud portal.

Scientific validation.

The VRRS method has been investigated by many major studies published in major international journals, including the Cochrane Review 2011 and its 2014-2015 review. Among many others, in 2015 a study was published on 376 patients on the treatment of stroke / upper limb over the course of 10 years, all treated with the VRRS method, which confirms the best results compared to traditional rehabilitation. The copious amount of international scientific publications continues to be updated thanks to the continuous development of new system functions.

Discover VRRS EVO Kids

The solution for the little ones.

All Khymeia technologies are programmed to deliver their respective rehabilitation modules for both adult patients and patients of developmental age. The activities aimed at the developmental age have contents and functions specifically designed to be particularly stimulating and motivating.

VRRS solutions

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VRRS Solutions


VRRS Home Tablet is the device that finally makes home tele-rehabilitation possible, not only cognitive, speech therapy, respiratory, but together with the VRRS K - Wand and VRRS Khymu also motor devices, in online and offline mode.

VRRS Solutions


TR è il dispositivo ideale per le implementazioni territoriali di tipo HUB & SPOKE. Installato presso i riferimenti territoriali come siti periferici o ambulatori medici di base, è dotato dell’esclusiva sensoristica cinematica 3D a tecnologia magnetica, monitor touchscreen, telecamera a brandeggio pan-tilt-zoom e include gli esercizi per il training del sistema VRRS Evo.

VRRS Solutions


Ideal for cognitive, speech therapy and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation for clinical outpatient studies. Compact incorporates the VRRS operating system and allows the continuity of the treatments carried out with Evo and HomeKit . Compact is fully compatible with the Kloud system network connections for perfect management of the generated data.