OAK is the innovative and unique integrated system for the assessment and prevention of risks of falling. OAK incorporates and digitizes into virtual reality scenarios, the evaluation tests that are based on international rating scales, clinically and scientifically validated. OAK is able to carry out the objective assessment of the complete tests of fall risk rate in a few minutes. Based on the outcome of the test performed, the system provides for the allocation of specific exercises aimed to prevent falls. Moreover, the OAK Remote Care device provides rehabilitation tasks to be carried out at home.

Report and networking

The OAK system includes an advanced reporting system, with the possibility of creating summary reports of the activities performed by the patient, including summary graphic representations, and detailed reports on the individual assessment and rehabilitation of the patient. In addition, the OAK system implements cloud capabilities that allow to share patients data among multiple devices and view offline the results of evaluations and rehabilitation sessions.

OAK Remote Care

OAK RC is a device equipped with IMU technology, wearable by the subject through a neoprene ergonomic belt band. This system allows the recognition of the postural status of the subject, such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking, movement; it also allows the generation of suggestions and acoustic indications about the level of motion, fully settable remotely by the operator through the cloud capabilities on the basis of the specific patient needs. It finally allows the recognition of fall events as well as the generation of appropriate alerts, text messages and emails.