Neurowave is an innovative integrated system for the administration of multi-sensory stimulation and the simultaneous acquisition and analysis of bio-physiologic parameters of patients in a vegetative and minimally conscious state. Neurowave is an innovative technology “open” platform, extremely flexible, targeted to clinical research applications in the field of Serious Disorders of Consciousness (United vegetative and minimal consciousness), during all stages of the patient status. Neurowave includes an advanced multi-sensory stimulation system and a simultaneous and synchronized system of acquisition of bio-physiologic signals, accompanied by a comprehensive assessment system of the eventual correlations between sensory stimulation and changes in the patient’s status.

Neurowave has excellent construction and ergonomics features by putting together all the functionalities of the system in a single chassis that is placed at the patient bedside, though requiring minimum space even in sensitive environments such as intensive care rooms. The system can be easily moved from one bed to another.

Neurowave provides a wide range of stimulations, including the possibility to quickly and easily upload any kind of photos, videos, audio pertaining to the patient’s life.
Among the possible stimulations

  • Images/pictures
  • Sounds/audio
  • Flash stimuli
  • Video
  • Transcranial stimulation tDCS
  • Complex kinesthetic stimuli
  • Compatibility with tactile/olfactory stimuli devices

The records acquired through the system include

  • EEG up to 64 channels
  • ECG up to 12 bipolar channels
  • EMG surface up to 12 channels
  • EOG up to 4 bipolar channels
  • Respiratory acts and Pulse oximetry
  • Patient video recording and monitoring

The analyzes and the protocols that can be implemented by the system include

  • VEP evoked potentials by flash and pattern;
  • Potentials event-related (P300, MMN, N400, P600...), with the possibility of review of the single times
  • EEG spectral reactivity by structured and non-structured stimulation
  • EEG reactivity to Bright Intermittent Stimulation (BIS)
  • EEG data clustering, to verify the presence/absence of more stages in the EEG recording and their characteristics
  • Wide signal cleaning functionalities set for the EEG signal artifacts (Independent Component Analysis, Regression from EOG)
  • Reactivity of Heart Rate Variability to the emotive stimuli

Neurowave allows to freely arrange specific protocols and standards, planning and programming with extreme simplicity and flexibility the temporal timeline of administration of the stimuli and their acquisitions and analysis. The system includes a full wizard system for programming of sensory stimulation protocols structured and unstructured, for the realization of programmed sessions acquisition and stimulation and for creating real-time patient-specific stimuli.

Neurowave has an advanced smart touch reporting system to obtain any information regarding the treatment and the clinical instrumental study of the specific patient. The advanced reporting system allows clinicians to obtain, even remotely, relevant information selected in the presence of long-lasting tracked. The easy and intuitive reporting is an excellent tool to keep caregivers up to date on patient status.

Neurowave offers innovative clinical/research tools for

  • Biophysiological monitoring of the acute patient with detection of possible communication channels
  • Clinical investigation on the acute patient by using Visual evoked potentials and by the verification and quantification of responses to cognitive evoked potentials (PEC) which the MMN, P300, N400
  • Clinical investigations on the post-acute vegetative / minimally conscious patient by quantitative EEG (quantification of EEG spectral reactivity to emotional and cognitive stimulation) and by Cognitive evoked potentials to structured sensory stimulation with audio/visual stimuli with emotional content
  • Plan and implement, even without acquisitions, arbitrary length sessions of sensory stimulation. This allows the creation of models and protocols for the rehabilitation stimulation and for the evaluation of possible multisensory synergies between different modes of stimulation

Neurowave is natively equipped with advanced networking capabilities, which allows for the management of the tool from different locations within the departmental network, and the usage of different units in the network constantly updated in terms of sharing protocols and patient database, even in geographically distant locations. It is therefore possible to create a “patient path” keeping in sync all the information, protocols and analysis related to the patient.

Neurowave integrates a videoconferencing system with pan and zoom infrared camera, in order to enables family members to remotely connect to the patient.