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Neurowave is an innovative “open” and extremely flexible technological platform aimed at clinical applications, including experimental ones, in the context of Serious Disorders of Consciousness – Vegetative and Minimum Consciousness States – during all phases of the patient’s journey. Neurowave brings together and includes all the system functions in a single chassis that is placed on the patient’s bed while maintaining minimum dimensions even in sensitive environments such as intensive care. The system can be easily moved from one bed to another, thus benefiting from the many features for multiple patients.


Unique Technology

Neurowave is the most innovative system for searching for any active patient / environment communication channels. The system allows the delivery of a large dataset of stimuli, including patient specific ones relating to the emotional sphere, which can also be loaded in real time and remotely. Simultaneously with the delivery of stimuli, the system allows recording of the appropriate neurophysiological parameters in order to verify any possible correlations between stimuli and acquired recordings. Neurowave delivers both consolidated standard and experimental and patient-specific protocols, allowing to program with extreme simplicity and flexibility the time-line for managing stimuli, acquisitions and analyzes, creating models and protocols based on known or innovative paradigms for rehabilitation stimulation multisensory.


Clinical innovation

Neurowave is the innovative clinical and research tool integrated for: - Biophysiological monitoring of the acute patient with identification of communication channels - Clinical investigations on acute patients in resuscitation wards through the Visual Evoked Potentials from Flash and Pattern, aimed at verification and quantification of responses to cognitive evoked potentials (PECs) such as MMN, P300, N400 - Clinical investigations on post-acute patient in a vegetative state and a state of minimal consciousness at the level of quantitative EEG and at the level of Cognitive Evoked Potentials at non-structured sensory stimulations (still) conventional, such as investigations with audio / video stimuli with emotional content - Programming and implementation of patient sensory stimulation sessions, for the creation of models and protocols based on paradigms (known or innovative) for multisensory rehabilitation stimulation and evaluation of any synergies between different modalities of stimulation

Minimal Conscious State
All solutions


There are countless stimulations that can be delivered, including the emotive ones, with the possibility of uploading photos, videos, audio relating to the patient’s daily life into the system. In addition to the classic stimulations, the following are available: static / dynamic images, audio tracks, flash stimuli, videos, haptic feedback stimuli, percussion and vibratory stimuli, transcranial tDCS stimulation, complex kinesthetic stimuli, compatibility with tactile / olfactory stimulators.

Neurophysiological acquisitions..

The registrations that can be acquired with the system are numerous and include among others:

– EEG up to 64 channels
– ECG up to 12 bipolar channels
– Surface EMG up to 12 channels
– EOG up to 4 bipolar channels
– Respiratory Acts and Pulse Oximetry
– Kinematic data
– Patient video recording

Main analyzes.

The analyzes that can be implemented by the Neurowave system are many and include:

– VEP evoked potentials from flash and pattern
– Potential correlated events (P300, MMN, N400, P600 …), with the possibility of reviewing the individual epochs
– EEG spectral reactivity to structured and unstructured stimulations
– Intermittent Light Stimulus EEG Reactivity (SLI)
– EEG data clustering, to verify the presence or absence of several EEG stages in the recording and their characteristics
– Extensive cleaning capabilities of the EEG signal from artifacts (Independent Component
– Analysis, regression from EOG)
– Reactivity of Heart Rate Variability in the face of emotional stimulations

Custom protocols.

Neurowave allows you to freely prepare standard and specific protocols, planning and programming with extreme simplicity and flexibility the temporal timeline for administering the stimuli and the related acquisitions and analyzes. The system includes a complete wizard system for the programming of structured and unstructured sensory stimulation protocols, for the realization of programmed acquisition and stimulation sessions and for the creation of patient-specific stimuli in real time.


Neurowave is equipped with an advanced smart touch reporting system to obtain any information relating to the treatment and clinical study of the specific patient. The advanced reporting system allows clinicians to obtain, even remotely, relevant information selected in the presence of long-lasting traces. The easy and intuitive reporting proves to be an excellent tool for keeping patients’ relatives updated.


Neurowave is natively equipped with advanced network functions, which allow the management of the instrument from different locations within the departmental network, and the use, even in geographically distant structures, of different units on the network constantly updated in terms of sharing. of protocols and patient database. It is therefore possible to create an “intensive – rehabilitation – home care / RSA” path for the patient, keeping all information, protocols and analyzes relating to the patient synchronized.

Social technology.

Neurowave is equipped with an integrated videoconferencing system with infrared camera with tilt and zoom, possibly also allowing family members to connect with the patient remotely for a contact free from logistical, promiscuity and environmental septic problems.