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Moonwalker is the revolutionary Khymeia system which, thanks to the immersive virtual reality and the 360º omnidirectional platform activated by the patient’s central nervous system, synergistically combines cognitive rehabilitation with motor skills, postural and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation. Equipped with weight relief and a large set of sensors, it offers the opportunity for the first time to fully exploit the patient’s neuroplasticity and functional reserve to allow rehabilitation approaches not practicable until now.

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Unique technology.

The uniqueness of the Moonwalker technology makes it possible to implement previously impossible rehabilitation strategies. The Patient is placed at the center of the innovative omnidirectional platform in absolute safety through the gravitational support that allows to relieve up to 100% of the Patient's weight. Moonwalker administers highly stimulating immersive virtual reality scenarios also accompanied by innovative multisensory stimuli such as scents or wind breezes consistent with the proposed scenarios. In this context, the patient is free to walk in any direction at 360 degrees, activating with his own movement the start, the stop, to accelerate the pace and any other motor action. The platform in real time consequently follows the patient's movement for a completely natural path.

New prospectives

Clinical innovation

Through the modular antigravity support system and the safety harness, Moonwalker allows the orthopedic, neurological and cardiological patient to perform motor skills, postural, cognitive and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation activities, otherwise not feasible, promptly activating increased, proprioceptive and haptic feedback in the context of the proposed activities. The innovative features of the omnidirectional platform allow to trigger the dynamics of movement on a spontaneous basis, coherently with the functional abilities present, thus activating natural motor patterns. The combined technologies of the system allow the patient to simulate situations of daily activities in absolute safety with a significant degree of adherence to reality.

360 ° innovation

Simple and revolutionary

MoonWalker allows revolutionary approaches also in terms of space required for installation and operation. The innovative electric lifting platform for the wheelchair protrudes from the bottom of the system and rises up to the work surface to allow access and positioning of the patient in the center of the platform, and then disappears again under the system. In this way the workspace necessary for the installation of the system is very modest, adapting also to gyms and places of modest dimensions.

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The solution for the little ones

All Khymeia technologies are programmed to deliver their respective rehabilitation modules for both adult patients and patients of developmental age. The activities aimed at the developmental age have contents and functions specifically designed to be particularly stimulating and motivating.