Treaties of Rome - Interview with Agency for cohesion and development - EU Funds

What are they and where does the money of the EU go?

RaiNews24 interviewed the director of the Agency for cohesion and development, Maria Ludovica Agro, the organization that has the delicate task of ensuring greater efficiency in the use of Community funds allocated to Italy, monitor the planning of the regions and of course avoid any wastage.
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Remote post-stroke rehabilitation at the Sant'Antonio Abate hospital in Trapani, Sicily

Inserted by the Regional Health Department in the "Telestroke Network", which allows to perform post-stroke rehabilitation at a distance, the Sant'Antonio Abate Hospital in Trapani.

It is an innovative system installed at the Pulejo hospital in Messina that will allow patients to be followed remotely and in real time in four Sicilian nosocomas, including the Trapani area. Post stroke rehabilitation takes place thanks to the "Telestroke Network". This is an innovative system installed at the Irccs Bonino Pulejo that will allow to follow patients affected by stroke and in real time remotely in the spoke offices of the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania, Sant'Elia di Caltanissetta, Villa Sofia in Palermo and of the Sant'Antonio di Trapani.

Deepening of MediSalute TV on our VRRS system in the Telestroke Network at this link

Sicily, success of the TeleNeuroRehabilitation network with the VRRS system

It's been presented the Telestroke Network, that plans to establish the pilot Hub center at Centro Neurolesi Bonino Pulejo of Messina and four Spoke districts: Cannizzaro in Catania, Sant'Elia in Caltanissetta, Sant'Antonio Abate in Trapani and Villa Sofia in Palermo.

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Third edition of Lamberto Piron Prize for best research of the year

Today IRCCS San Camillo of Lido of Venice will host the third edition of the prize named after Dr. Lamberto Piron for the best scientific research.

"It 's the best way to honor the memory of the brilliant researcher and great physician who was Lamberto, that is terribly missed by all who have had the fortune to know him."


Comgratulations to the winner of this year, Eng. Riccardo Spezzamonte with the research “Neural substrate of upper limb muscle synergies in humans”!

Valencia rewards the VRRS

January 2017 - The Spanish University of Valencia gives the first prize to the thesis of Dr. Carlos Luque Moreno performed with Khymeia VRRS system at the IRCCS San Camillo of Venice

Prevent the risk of falling? At Galeazzi, Milan, you can with our OAK system

The risk of falling is one of the most important problems for people over 65 (35-40% of them). In 20% -30% of cases, falls cause damage such as a reduction in mobility and independence, an increase in hospitalizations and the risk of premature death. However, most falls are potentially preventable with an assessment aimed at identifying the level of risk of falling.

In this context, an innovative and technologically advanced system based on virtual reality has been developed, the unique OAK system, which is proposed as an effective tool for evaluation, prevention and even rehabilitative treatment. The researchers and engineers of the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute - led by Elena Stucovitz, Greta Castellini and Silvia Gianola - the only facility in Italy to use this machine, are currently experimenting with this evaluation and prevention model able to give a concrete answer to the thematic risk falls.

The OAK system, in fact, allows automated posturometric evaluations (assessment of balance control and postural reactions) to distinguish the risk level of the subject in three classes: high, medium and low risk. Instructions to the patient during the session are provided by the system in automatic mode through visual and auditory interfaces. At the end of the session, one can then identify the most critical exercises for the individual and set up a personalized rehabilitation program. A further important aspect of the project is the replicability of the model on a national scale and therefore the impact on the NHS that would have the possibility to formalize a new system of screening of the risk falling in elderly subjects.

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Interview with Dr. Piron

DailyCases, online magazine, has published an interview with Dr. Piron about Khymeia and biomedical devices.

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VRRS New Facial Recognition module

Interview with Dr. Iannaccone from Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan about trigeminal rehabilitation.

From Rai News 24 - Basta la salute


Khymeia presents a new VRRS module for the rehabilitation of facial and masticatory muscles:

Facial paralysis - peripheral and central



Facial pain with articular-muscolar origin or from neuropathy

Vegetative States and Habilita: a story born 6 years ago with our Neurowave

The magazine "Take Care" tells about the use of our Neurowave system at the Habilita Nursing Home from 2010 until today.

Habilita has dedicated its mission to the rehabilitation of neurological diseases and for this reason has been created the operative unit of Neurorehabilitation, composed of a team led by the Primary Dr. Michelangelo Bartolo. Even today the Neurowave are used daily, in synergy with other robotic devices in the rehabilitation of patients with GraviCelebro Acquired lesions.

Here the link to the entire magazine "Take Care", Year 2016 n.2