III National Congress GIS Neuroscience and AIFI Veneto - Neurological Physiotherapy: Actuality and perspectives - IRCCS San Camillo Venice, 16 Dicember 2017

Khymeia is present with its own stand at the III National Congress GIS Neuroscienze and AIFI Veneto "Neurological Physiotherapy: Actuality and perspectives" that will be held in IRCCS Fondazione Ospedale San Camillo of Venezia, Dicember 16th 2017.

Here the link to the website.

Federsanità ANCI - Integration between robotic and domotic in health, San Vito al Tagliamento 16-17th November 2017

Khymeia is present with its own stand at the event by Federsanità ANCI "Integration between robotic and domotic in health" that will be held in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone), Italy, 16th and 17th November 2017.

Here the link to the event and the flyer.


ECNR Lausanne - Presentation of Dr. Alemanno

Lausanne, ECNR October 25-28 : Dr. Federica Alemanno from San Raffaele Hospital, Milan introduces the innovative Pain Therapy by Khymeia VRRS

ECNR - European Congress of Neurorehabilitation 2017, Lausanne

Khymeia is present with its own stand at the European Congress of Neurorehabilitation 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland from 25th to 28th October 2017.


VRRS and Telecockpit at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan: interview with Dr. Iannaccone

The Huffington Post, italian newspaper, speaks of our technologies: an interview with Dr. Sandro Iannaccone, head of Neurorehabilitation Department in  San Raffaele Hospital, an Health and Research Institute, where he talks of all the benefits of telerehabilitation, thanks to the use of VRRS Tablet Home and Telecockpit station.

Here's the link to the whole interview.

RaiNews24: Khymeia, the italian exellence in telerehabilitation at San Raffaele Hospital

The TV troupe of RaiNews24 "Basta la Salute" performed a TV report at the Neurorehabilitation Department of the San Raffaele Hospital headed by Prof. Sandro Iannaccone, during which Drs Federica Alemanno and Elise Houdayer delivered a home telerehabilitation session with the innovative Khymeia Telecockpit technology system, a whole Italian excellence.

The San Raffaele team wins prize for Chronic Pain with VRRS

"EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting good practices": European recognition for the project co-ordinated by neurobiologist and researcher Elise Houdayer realized by the Specialist Rehabilitation Unit - neurological, cognitive and neurological disorders guided by the neurologist Sandro Iannaccone

Article from periodical "Mondosalute - Lombardia" of July 2017

Multimodal treatment in chronic pain at the San Raffaele Hospital with our VRRS system

The Miller Institute - School of Specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy presents the news for the recovery of patients in the neurological area at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, including our VRRS system used for facial neuralgia.

One of the diseases treated with VRRS is trigeminal neuralgia, a facial neuralgia. This disorder causes intense short but recurrent pains, almost comparable to electric shocks that can last from two seconds to two minutes. Pain can start from various parts of the face and follows the course of the nerve.

Here the link to the entire article.

Assigned to Hospital San Raffaele Milano the European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain for innovation in the treatment of chronic pain, with VRRS System

Taking care of people with chronic pain to 360 °, eavluating them as a team and defining a rehabilitation plan that includes psychological support and the use of virtual reality with Khymeia VRRS system is a project developed by the staff of specialist Rehabilitation Unit - neurological disorders, cognitive and motor IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, led by neurologist Sandro Iannaccone. The project has received the prestigious European civic prize on chronic pain, organized by Active citizenship network, the association that brings together organizations from all over Europe to encourage the active participation of citizens in social decisions.

The project was supported by the scientific society ARSOP (Rehabilitation Specialists Association of Private Hospitals).


For further information:

Link to the web page of San Raffaele Hospital



Treaties of Rome - Khymeia HandBox chosen among the greatest European research projects

The Khymeia HandBox system has been chosen among the 60 exellence projects co-financed by the Structural Funds and Investment European Union at the center of the communication campaign developed by the Agency for National Cohesion and the European Commission Representation in Italy in collaboration with all the Managing Authorities of the National and Regional Operational Programs. The initiative is part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.