Research is a structural element of the Khymeia DNA. The collaboration with many international research centers allow to constantly feed the innovative spirit of each system developed by the company.


Innovation is the soul of Khymeia, the constant aim of its efforts, at the service of its customers with whom it collaborates closely to achieve the most ambitious goals.


Since 1998, each system developed by Khymeia expressed networking functionality natively. Tele-consultation, tele-medicine, tele-rehabilitation, cloud connectivity have always been the hallmarks of the uniqueness of Khymeia devices.


The research and development activities of Khymeia, with the collaboration of the most prestigious international clinical centers, are incessantly addressed to achieve the best possible results in terms of benefit for patients.


The mission of Khymeia is to conceive, develop and implement innovative systems with high technological content to meet the needs of its customers, with the pride of being, with competence, dedication and enthusiasm, their technology partner.

e-health innovation

The principles that lead Khymeia in its activities are those of technological innovation at the service of patients, supported by an extraordinary ease of use, the scientific/clinical trials and economic sustainability.

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Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System

VRRS is the most advanced, comprehensive and clinically tested virtual reality system for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation in the market. The extreme ease of use, the high customization capabilities, the complete automatic reporting, the tele-rehabilitation functionalities, are some of the principles that lead the continuous development of the system.

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Elderly Care Innovation

OAK is the innovative and unique integrated system for the assessment and prevention of risks of falling. OAK incorporates and digitizes into virtual reality scenarios, the evaluation tests that are based on international rating scales, clinically and scientifically validated.

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Contact Seeker

Neurowave is an innovative integrated system for the administration of multi-sensory stimulation and the simultaneous acquisition and analysis of bio-physiologic parameters of patients in a vegetative and minimally conscious state.

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