Assigned to Hospital San Raffaele Milano the European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain for innovation in the treatment of chronic pain, with VRRS System

Taking care of people with chronic pain to 360 °, eavluating them as a team and defining a rehabilitation plan that includes psychological support and the use of virtual reality with Khymeia VRRS system is a project developed by the staff of specialist Rehabilitation Unit - neurological disorders, cognitive and motor IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, led by neurologist Sandro Iannaccone. The project has received the prestigious European civic prize on chronic pain, organized by Active citizenship network, the association that brings together organizations from all over Europe to encourage the active participation of citizens in social decisions.

The project was supported by the scientific society ARSOP (Rehabilitation Specialists Association of Private Hospitals).


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Treaties of Rome - Khymeia HandBox chosen among the greatest European research projects

The Khymeia HandBox system has been chosen among the 60 exellence projects co-financed by the Structural Funds and Investment European Union at the center of the communication campaign developed by the Agency for National Cohesion and the European Commission Representation in Italy in collaboration with all the Managing Authorities of the National and Regional Operational Programs. The initiative is part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

Sicily, success of the TeleNeuroRehabilitation network with the VRRS system

It's been presented the Telestroke Network, that plans to establish the pilot Hub center at Centro Neurolesi Bonino Pulejo of Messina and four Spoke districts: Cannizzaro in Catania, Sant'Elia in Caltanissetta, Sant'Antonio Abate in Trapani and Villa Sofia in Palermo.

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Neuroscience Network Project Italy

The health ministry has approved the project of the Italian Neuroscience Network IRCCS "Development and implementation of an Italian Network of Tele-neuro-rehabilitation for continuity of care." The VRRS ecosystem is the technology chosen for sharing and use of rehabilitation protocols.


POR CRO FESR 2007-2013 Action 5.1.1

On June 26th 2015 the project "Development of technology for the rehabilitation end of the hand in augmented / virtual reality environments" - CRO POR FESR 2007-2013 Action 5.1.1 " Interregional contributions for the financing of industrial research and experimental development projects" is concluded.

Expenditure co-financed by POR CRO Veneto 2007-2013 - FESR 5.1.1 Action part - Announcement N. 2/2013 CUP H78C14000130007

POR CRO FESR, 2007-2013 Action 1.1.3

On 31st August 2014 the project "Modularity for the sensory-motor control: implications of muscle synergies for the motor recovery of post-stroke patients and development of new technologies for rehabilitation" is concluded. Khymeia is present with the presentation of its VRRS system in Congress - Regional Operational Program for Regional Competitiveness and Employment - FESR part, 2007-2013 - Axis 1 Action 1.1.3 "Contributions for the use of qualified facilities by companies for research activity".