Sky Interviews Federico Piron, president of Khymeia Group

Sky Italia interviews Federico Piron, President of Khymeia Group.
Sky's Business24 channel, as part of the program dedicated to Italian excellence in the world, carried out this in-depth special on Khymeia Group, as the international leader in tele-rehabilitation and in general a point of reference for rehabilitation technologies.

47° SIMFER National Congress - Florence, 29 September-2 October 2019

Khymeia will be present with its own stand at the 47° SIMFER National Congress that will be held in Florence, Italy, from 29 September to 2 October 2019.

Here the link to the event.

European R2S2 Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School, Porto Potenza Picena May 17th 2019

Khymeia will be present at the Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School which will be held at the Santo Stefano Institute in Porto Potenza Picena on May 17th 2019.

Here the link to the event.

ICTNR 1° International Conference of TeleNeuroRehabilitation - Crotone, 10-11 May 2019

Khymeia will be present with its own stand at the 1st International Conference of TeleNeuroRehabilitation ICTNR, organized by Istituto S.Anna that will be held in Crotone, Italy, 10-11th May 2019.

Here the link to the event.

Workshop IRT 2019 - Innovation in Rehabilitation Technologies - Genoa, 5 March 2019

Khymeia will be present with its own stand at the Workshop "Innovation in Rehabilitation Technologies" that will be held at Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Genoa, Italy, 5th March 2019.

Here the link to the event.

When science looks like a game: Khymeia at the International Robotics Festival in Pisa with IRCCS Stella Maris

Thanks to Irccs Stella Maris, Khymeia is present with the VRRS system at the Robotics Festival Pisa until October 3rd: for the first time the system enters the clinical practice with pediatric patients with a tele-rehabilitation project.

XVIII SIRN National Congress, Trieste 5th-7th April 2018

The XVIII National SIRN Congress, which took place in Trieste on 5th-7th April 2018, has been held recently; one of the main participants was the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan with a poster entitled "Chronic Low Back pain: Virtual Reality Rehabilitation and Remote control of functional recovery" presented by Dr. Daniele Emedoli.

This study is about the use of the VRRS EVO system applied to the treatment of chronic low back pain, which highlights the effectiveness of our system in terms of improvement of coordination, control, and proprioception of trunk movements during the treatment; this results in a reduction of pain perception.

XXVII SINEG National Congress, Catania 14-16 December 2017

Khymeia is present at XXVII SINEG National Congress, in Catania from 14th to 16th December 2017.

Our Eng. Carlotta Varotto on 15th December at 16.30 will hold a training course for physiotherapists named "A new tool for post-stroke rehabilitation - VRRS System presentation".

Here the link to the web site and the program of the congress.


Live Rai3 "Tutta Salute" at IRCCS Bonino Pulejo, Messina: presented the VRRS immersive reality module


Professor Placido Bramanti, Scientific Director of IRCCS Bonino Pulejo, Messina, presents the VRRS immersive reality module on a live connection with RAI "Tutta Salute" TV show  on date 29 th November 2017.

ESPRM 2017 Malta - VR presentation by IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome

At the 12° Congress ESPRM "Mediterranean Congres of the Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine", Malta 9th-12th November 2017, has been presented the preliminary results of the study "Virtual Reality Rehabilitation in Patients with Total Knee Replacement" by the team of Professor Marco Franceschini, from Neurorehabilitation Department, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome.