Icaro (Reloaded) – Dare to fly again

The show “Icaro (Reloaded) – Dare to fly again”, realized with the participation of Khymeia, is staged October 29th 2014 at the Giuseppe Verdi Theater in Padua.

MOTUS and Antonietta Mollica present Icaro (Reloaded):

“I wanted ICARO (Reloaded) with all myself, throwing my heart over the obstacle, putting myself at stake beyond any reasonable doubt and with lucid madness to communicate the courage as a prerequisite for confidence in life to everyone, especially young people, that every year are affected by stroke and believe they don’t have a future ahead of them anymore.

ICARO (Reloaded) tells my journey of rebirth from the darkness and cold of loneliness which the stroke had forced me in, towards the human warmth, the light, the sun of a new life. Travel made with stronger wings, resistant to ignorance, prejudice, bleeding-hart hypocrisy towards the handicapped, to the architectural and social barriers. Wings built with courage, strength and love of life which can appeal all of us. A second opportunity to live life better than the first time, where I felt the social duty to give something of myself to others, communicate to the world that with commitment and willpower you can achieve goals seem impossible at the beginning.”

Antonietta Mollica